Our Programs

We offer programs for a variety of age groups and experience levels.  Whether you have never rowed before, or if you’re seeking a win in your next regatta…there is a place for you in LGRC!  Please use the navigation menu above or select one of the following programs below to learn more about them:

Spring Break on Lake Guntersville! – Come to Lake Guntersville for your next spring break practice. We offer great rowing water, recreation center facilities next door, miles of water and warmer weather then most non-Florida location.

National Learn To Row – The first Saturday in June, come and give rowing a try. In a short no-cost program come and see if rowing it right for you.

Rowing Camp – The Rowing Camp is a program is to give those new to the sport a trial period, with intensive coaching, so they can decide if it is a sport they want to row for recreation or competitively.

Juniors - Age 13-18

Masters - 19 and above